2019/2020 Tuition and Requirements


Tuition monthly rates are as follows.  Except for the month of August, the monthly rate remains the same regardless of how many DOW days per month there are.  Since there is only one week of school in August, a payment of ¼ of monthly tuition is due at orientation.


PS - $280/month full time; $220/half day

K – Grade 8 - $260/month

High School – $290/month

-First tuition payment is due at orientation in August.  Since we have only 1 week of school in August, each family owes ¼ of monthly tuition.

-Nine monthly payments are due starting in September and ending in May.

Siblings receive a discount as follows:

-2nd child in the family, subtract $10

-3rd child in the family, subtract $20

-4th child in the family, subtract $30


Tuition is not refundable for any reason. However, if a family has paid for the entire year and has to withdraw, a refund for the unused tuition will be issued.  IF you leave under negative circumstances, a refund will not be given.  (See ‘Dismissal from DOW’ later in this handbook.)  

Tuition is due on the first DOW day of the month.  It can be paid in the following ways: 

-We prefer that payments are made directly from your invoice using a check. Paying by check via the invoice will automatically record your payment and it saves our bookkeeper time. 

-We can take a voided check and set up recurring payments for you

-You can pay via credit card using the link in your invoice. There will be a 3% fee added to offset the fees we are charged for using the credit card. 

-You may give Christine cash, a check or money order in the downstairs office.  

-If you need to pay in cash, please have the exact amount in a sealed envelope. Label the envelope with your name.  We will not have change readily available. 

Late Payments

Tuition is considered late after the 10th of the month.  At that time, a late fee of $25 will be applied.  Tuition is not paid by the following month’s due date, that family’s children may not attend DOW until tuition is paid.  Please see Amy Hardy (annex building) or Amy Harrell (main campus) if you are having trouble paying tuition.

Parent Requirements 

It is Cynthia’s dream and passion to provide an educational opportunity for families who want an alternative to public education but can’t afford private school.  She is committed to this.  In order to keep our rates low, parents are responsible for completing 40 volunteer hours (Four during the summer and four per month from September -May), cleaning, and fundraising.  Here is a description of each and how they are completed.  

Volunteer Hours

Why are the volunteer hours required?   We want to keep tuition and fees as low as possible.  If we had to hire others to do all the jobs that are needed, your tuition would be twice as expensive if not more.  

What is required?   Forty (40) volunteer hours are expected from all families.   To complete these, we suggest a family complete (4) hours in summer and then 4 more each month from September to May.  (This is a total of 40 hours.)  If you join later in the year, your volunteer hours begin the day you enroll.

If you find you cannot or do not want to fulfill all your volunteer hours, you can pay $25 for every 4 hours you owe.  If you wanted to do no volunteering at all, you can pay $250. 

When do hours have to be completed?

Volunteer hours must be completed each month. Any past-due hours will be invoiced the next month. 

When you complete volunteer hours, you will record them by logging them on Parent Booker (more on this below).  You will know your total of volunteer hours by viewing your account on Parent Booker. 

How can volunteer hours be completed?
You have lots of choices!
#1.  You can choose from a variety of volunteer jobs.  Some jobs require hours throughout the school year while some require a lot of hours at once.  Some are done at school, some at home, some in other locations, some during school hours, some during evening hours, and some on weekends.  You choose what works best for you!  Volunteer jobs will be posted on Parent Booker. 

#2.  You can purchase items for the school.  Every $25 you spend counts as a month’s volunteer time.  HOWEVER, you must purchase items that we request.  Buying items for your child’s projects do not count towards volunteer hours. Purchasing cleaning packs are a great way to help with volunteer hours! For $25 you can purchase a cleaning pack that contains toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, and garbage bags. See Maggie Adkins or Christine Wavle for more info.

#3.  PRESCHOOL FAMILIES – Your help is needed to help keep the preschool stocked, clean, etc.  At orientation, your teachers will be talking to you about this in more detail.

#4.  Grades K – 12 – Your teachers will have jobs available during the school year.  They will decide how to communicate with you whether via e-mail, Facebook, notes sent home, etc.  Ask them at orientation.

#5.  You can do any combination of any of the options above.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my husband, other family members, or children work volunteer hours?  

You bet!  However, PLEASE DO NOT COUNT HOURS YOUR CHILDREN WORKED unless they truly have worked.  ☺ ☺ ☺  Also, important – you are responsible for your children while you are at school doing volunteer work.  If they will be bored, please bring toys, board games, etc. to keep them occupied. (Do not bring screens, please!) No one is allowed to play in the preschool or in OT rooms.

OK….what jobs are available now?

FOUR EASY volunteer jobs are always available.

We are participating in the following programs to help us raise money.  You can earn volunteer hours while helping us out.

1.   Kroger Community Coupon - For every person you convince to add Days of Wonder to their Kroger Card, you earn 1 hour of volunteer time.  Sign up 40 people and you are finished with your volunteer hours for the year!   We earn the most money through Kroger because every time you shop, we get a percentage of what you buy.  P.S.  Doing the awards program does NOT affect your fuel points.   So, go to krogercommunityrewards.com, click on ‘Create an account’, our school code is ES665.  Returning families:  This is a BRAND NEW NUMBER! 

2.   Amazon Smile -  For every 2 people you convince to add Amazon account, you earn 1 hour of volunteer time.  Go to amazonsmile.com, sign in, and select us as your charity.  (We are listed as Senior Center/Community Programs in New Richmond, OH.)   

3.   Box Tops –  Our Box Tops coordinator is Amanda Axton.   She is doing some fun class competitions.  But as a family, keep track of how many you collect.  250 boxtops = 1 month of volunteer time!!  Ask your family and friends to collect to add to your total.   :

4.   Ticket Store - The ticket store is where students come monthly to spend their tickets.  We are running low on prizes that cost $1 or more.   We need small toys, stickers, gadgets, tools, presents, etc.  For every $25 you spend on donations to our ticket store, you receive 1 month’s volunteer hours!! (P.S.  We only accept stuffed animals that are brand new.)


If you and a friend volunteer to keep a school place clean and uncluttered, you will earn hours every month.  Here are the spaces that need to be adopted:  (Sign up at orientation.)

-The walkways and sidewalks outside  (1-2 families) These need to be power-washed twice per year and swept weekly especially when leaves are down. 

-Lost & Found – (1 family) Items needs to be stored neatly, water bottles and lunch boxes cleaned (occasionally), and then 3 times per year, the items need to be donated to a charity.

-Parking Lots and Area around Dumpster – (1 family) Trash around these areas needs to be picked up and occasionally the parking lot needs to have leaves blown away.

-The 2 closets upstairs – (1 family) One closet is for elementary supplies and one is for indoor recess games.  They need to be straightened all year long.

-Hallways and doorways including the frames around the doors.  (1-2 families)  Wipe off marks.  Also, the outdoor play equipment and tablecloths used for sitting on the ground need to be organized and cleaned. 

-Library Blinds – They need to be cleaned monthly.

-Walls and hand railings on the staircase between floors – They need to be cleaned monthly.

-Outside chairs – Need to be scrubbed and then replaced when needed.

Fundraising Requirements

Our school must raise $30,000 to help pay salaries, rent, and other expenses.  This comes to $300/family which must be in the form of CASH. You must keep track of this amount via Parent Booker. If you enroll later in the year, we will prorate the amount you need to raise.  

We can’t pay our bills with anything else.  You can raise money in any of our fundraisers or organize a fundraiser of your own.  Fundraising will be invoiced per term this year. 

The first payment of $100 is due on November 12th. The second payment of $100 is due on February 13th. The third and final payment is due on May 4th.  

Here is an example of how volunteer hours differ from fundraising money.  Remember – fundraising money must be just that – money.   

If we need a basket for a silent auction and you buy the items for the raffle, what you spend goes towards your volunteer hours.  The person who purchases your basket (with cash) can count the amount spent towards his/her family’s fundraising requirement.

Cleaning -  We save over $10,000 per year by asking each family to clean the upper or lower floor of the school of mop both floor on the weekends. 

Here is what will need to be cleaned:

-Lower Level – Lobby, hallway, 2 bathrooms, and kitchen on M, T, or H($50 credit)

-Upper Level – Hallways, 4 bathrooms, library floors ($50 credit) on M, T, or H

-Annex - Hallways, 1 bathroom, and kitchen ($50 credit) on M, T, or H

Hours for cleaning are listed as 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm. You can begin any time after 3:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. All cleaning needs to be finished by 9 pm.

You are asked to do $100 of cleaning per year. (This is prorated for those who enroll later in the year.)  You choose which of the above 3 choices you wish to clean or you can pay $100 in lieu of cleaning all together. 


IMPORTANT:  You must sign up for which days you wish to clean at orientation or by September 2nd or we will assume you are paying instead.  Dates will be assigned to you if you have not signed up for cleaning dates or paid the $100 cash-out option.

                                                   ***PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING***

DOW Parent Responsibilities  

If you wish to receive the teacher evaluation that is required for homeschoolers at the end-of-the- year as well as your child’s report card (high school), placement in next year’s classes, etc. you must have completed all these requirements:All tuition paid in full

  1. All volunteer hours completed (or paid for)
  2. Cleaning completed (or paid for)
  3. $300 of fundraising raised
  4. All library books returned.

We will hold our evaluation until the above requirements are met.

Parent Booker

Finding School Volunteer Opportunities &

Logging Volunteer Hours, Cleaning Hours, and Fundraising

Days of Wonder will be using Parent Booker to track volunteer hours, cleaning hours, and fundraising and phasing out our 2 facebook pages, DOW Volunteer & Cleaning & DOW Fundraising

The Days of Wonder service hour website can be found here: https://daysofwonder.parentbooker.com

To get the iPad or iPhone app simply go to the App Store and search for “Parent Booker”.  

To get the Android app go to Google Play and search for “Parent Booker App”

Important: The app is free, but you need to register your family first on the website to get a login that will work on the website and the app. 

Registering for Parent Booker

First, you need to register and create a login and password for your family. Logins are family, not person-specific. If the parent last name is different from the student, please enter it as a student last name/parent last name. Example: Smith/Jones. Simply go to the URL above, you'll see a “Register” link below the login button. Complete the form and you'll be sent an email with a link you need to click to activate your account.

Note: The school must grant you access – so your login won’t work right after you register. It may take a day or two before the school activates your login. You’ll receive a notification in your email when you can start using Parent Booker. 

Checking Your Information is Correct

Visit the My Account area and check your contact details and be sure children's names and grades are recorded correctly. This will ensure you're correctly notified of volunteer opportunities.

Finding Relevant Volunteer Opportunities

Parent Booker knows what grade your children are in and will show you a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities relevant to you on the first page you see after logging into the website or app.

Simply click on an opportunity to see slots when you can sign up. For regular events like cleaning you'll see a calendar and can flip through the months to schedule your duties at any time during the school year. 

Please Note 

When logging hours, you will enter the number of hours and then choose the correct category: general, cleaning, or fundraising. 

The app and the desktop version homepage will list total hours for all 3 categories: general, cleaning, and fundraising. Go to the desktop version and click the service hours tab to see them listed separately.

Fundraising is listed in hours, not dollars. This is a limitation of the program that we need to workaround. If your total is more than 30 dollars/hours, please enter it on the desktop version as the app has a limit of 30 dollars/hours per entry.

Volunteer hours are defined as purchased items or time worked. A receipt is required. 

Again, fundraising dollars are defined as CASH brought into the school.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Christine Wavle in the downstairs office.