Cynthia Day, Our Founder



My name is Cynthia Day.  In 2012, I started Days of Wonder School in the basement of our home with 17 students.  The following school year we moved to an office building in Batavia.  Today we have 160+ students housed in 2 separate buildings.  

Here is the story of how we began:

I have always loved learning.  I was either teaching my siblings, directing neighborhood plays or teaching piano lessons.  Eventually, I did become a teacher after earning 2 degrees – Music Therapy (Mt. St. Joseph) and Elementary Education (Xavier University).

I entered my first job as 4th grade teacher in Covington, KY working with inner city kids.  I started my first year wide eyed and on top of the world.  It didn’t take long to realize it was a lot harder than I thought and that other teachers (not all) did not share my same enthusiasm.  I was shunned and ostracized and if it weren’t for 2 special teachers who took me under their wings, I don’t know if I would have continued. Eventually, I quit school to stay home with my 3 children and that’s when I discovered the world of homeschooling.  In many ways, I felt I learned more from other moms (with no teaching degrees) than I did from college courses. 

Over the 15 years that I homeschooled, I began a list of the wonderful things I learned through each teaching experience.  I wondered if there could be a school that encompassed all those things.  I knew that most of today’s schools would not be open to such ideas.  Plus, I wanted to go into a school building in which all teachers were as excited as I and who would challenge me (and each other) to be my best! 

So in 2012, I opened a school in our basement (formerly called WOW, World of Wonder) with 17 students.  The following school year, with a new name (DOW, Days of Wonder) we moved to an office building in Batavia with 42 students and new grade levels.  Soon after, we began offering preschool.  We have continued to grow since. Last year, we moved high school to a separate building and this year, we moved grades 7/8 to that same location.  

Throughout this process, I discovered a group of students whose options for education are few and far between.  These are students who are not flourishing in traditional school but whose parents cannot afford private school.  That’s why I’ve made it our mission to provide a top quality, exceptional yet affordable school for those who need it. 

In February, 2017, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer.  I continued to teach as long as I could since the classroom is where my heart is.  This school year, in order to stay involved as best as I physically could, I have taken the position of Education Director.  With this new job, I work directly with teachers and directors to make sure that our philosophy is being incorporated as best as possible.  You will see me in different classrooms all the time! 

We continue to study the school systems from around the world and read the latest literature to make sure that we are on the cutting edge of education.  Parent involvement is one of the best indicators of educational success.  That is why we ask for parents, students, and teachers to work together.  That is why we have requirements of all families:  to pay tuition, volunteer 40 hours per year, clean one floor of our school twice per year, and to raise $300 in fundraising.  So a deep commitment is required to attend, but the rewards can be outstanding!


Cynthia M. Day



Does your child have an IEP?  Families are often leery of contacting us because they are worried that their child’s needs won’t be met at our school.

Actually, when we look at an IEP, we find we can accommodate most needs immediately.  Here, for example, are some of the things we already incorporate in our classrooms every day:

-Taking brain breaks

-Incorporating movement in classroom

-Offering student choices

-Reading directions to students

-Allowing more time on tests or tasks

-Recruiting a team to meet student needs

-Accommodating students working on different levels in different subjects

-Providing sitting choices so students can learn best

So call us if you child has an IEP and you’d like us to see how we accommodate his/her needs.  I wish all children’s needs were handled quickly, so no valuable time is lost.


Here I am with my mom, daughter, and grandson.

Here I am with my mom, daughter, and grandson.