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Reconnecting students to the joy and wonder of learning

Building a community of lifelong learners!



Does your child want to go to school each day?

What does he/she say at the end of the school day when you ask, “What did you learn today?”

Does your child feel valued and accepted by his/her teachers?

If you answered those questions with ‘no’ or ‘nothing’, consider Days of Wonder for a whole new experience!

Peruse these pages to learn about our philosophy, our methods, and our staff.

Then give us a call for a tour.  (513-732-2111)


We believe that all children can learn but they do so in different ways. Our focus is to determine how they learn and then approach learning in those ways. It is up to us to match children’s  learning styles and not force all to learn in the same way.

A sense of discovery is the core of who we are. So learning should be fun.

Children are active and, therefore, learning should be too. Students feel special when their individualities are accepted. From there comes their compassion and respect for others who are alike and different.



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Sign Language Bio

Tyson McClaughtery -  Year 2 Sign Language Student signing his bio. 

Student and Teacher Showcase

Congratulations to Lilly Williams - High School

The Brown County Library sponsored their yearly writing contest. I am proud to say that Days of Wonder took first place for the second year in a row! This year the writing theme was scary stories and boy did Lilly deliver! Click below to read her scary story. 


Short Story (pdf)


DOW Robotics does Project 38 2019

DOW Robotics team lead by Jim Donaldson built robots and performed a scene from Shakespeare's Coriolanus. 

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