Days of Wonder School

                    A unique experience in education   

What makes our school unique?

Multi-Age Learning and Training

The Days of Wonder School motivates students to learn from and teach their fellow students through multi-age knowledge sharing.

Exploration, Discovery and Possession of Knowledge

Students learn more when they are following their own interests, when they discover connections themselves, and when they take possession of their own learning.  Days of Wonder nurtures and builds upon this type of learning, encouraging students to share and takpride in what they discover.

Integrated Curriculum

It has been demonstrated that material is more meaningful, better learned, and better remembered when it is integrated with other subjects.  The Days of Wonder School accomplishes this by integrating all the subjects in our yearly theme. 

Continuity of Instruction

Except for high school, teachers have the same students for several years, watching them grow and mature.  We do not "switch classes." One teacher is with the children all day long, so they can seamlessly integrate all subjects.

Creation of Respectful Human Beings, Involved Citizens, and Lifelong Learners

The classroom must be a safe place with no teasing, taunting, or bullying tolerated.  Learning for life helps children become informed, responsible citizens.  Finally, students who love learning continue to do so... for life!

Other Characteristics:

  • Parents, teachers, and students work as a TEAM!
  • School is a "safe zone" - ABSOLUTELY no bullying, teasing, or taunting.
  • All subjects are integrated around a central question or theme.
  • Students are grouped into multi-age classrooms.
  • High goals set for student learning.
  • Respect for the different learning styles of each student.
  • All classes (except high school) are self-contained.
  • Hands-on much as possible with plenty of time least twice per day.
  • Rich materials are used instead of textbooks.  (possible exception for high school classes)
  • No grades are given except for 100%.  Students continue to work on each assignment until 100% is reached. (High school students do         receive grades and, eventually, a transcript and diploma from Days of Wonder.)
  • Students are expected to take control of their learning, set goals, and work to achieve them.
  • Healthy eating is emphasized.  Therefore, no candy, soda, caffeine, etc are allowed.
  • Positive reinforcement is awarded daily for a student's good behavior. But "false praise" and "a trophy for everyone" is not something in which we believe.