Days of Wonder School

                    A unique experience in education   

This program is for you and your student(s) if.....

  •  You and your child have a sense of adventure.
  • You look forward to coming along for the ride, growing with us as we develop a new, exciting, and innovative program, possibly adjusting parts of the program as we go.
  • You realize that your children are not perfect. (None of us are!)
  • You are excited to embrace a new idea and make an investment in your children's education.
  • You are realistic in our expectation of teachers and want to share the responsibility in making this program work.
  • You are pleased to send your child(ren) with healthy lunches that do not include caffeine, candy, sweets, or soda.
  • You are willing to support teachers in what they expect of their students.
  • You appreciate that our classes will be exploring whatever subjects come our way as we delve into the yearly topic and other areas of          interests we are drawn to.