Days of Wonder School

                    A unique experience in education   

                                                                About Days of Wonder

At Days of Wonder, we believe the goal of education is the creation of Lifelong Learners.  Our school is based on the educational experiences our founder and director, Cynthia Day. Her life experiences include, being a student, a public school teacher, and a home school mom.  In this program, knowledge is meaningful because all subjects are integrated.  There are no endless days practicing for and taking standardized tests.  Our opinion is that if students are involved in meaningful learning, they will automatically improve their test scores.  (And our first year's test scores prove correct!)

Our school's goals are achieved through multi-age classrooms, integrated subjects, emphasis on the love of reading, and the freedom to explore individual interests.  The children attend school on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with Wednesday and Friday being "learn-at-home" days.  This requires an equal commitment from the students, parents, and teachers.  In other words, we are a team!

We believe that every family deserves to have choices in education.  Therefore, we operate on a very strict budget in order to keep our tuition and fees as low as possible.  To do this, we work as a community. We require every family to volunteer every month to help with what is needed to keep the school running. Volunteering includes cleaning, repairs around the building, donating various needed items throughout the year, and helping in the classrooms.