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The Year of Breaking Records (Including Personal Goal Setting)

  • Be ready, students, to learn the world records of everything we see, touch, hear, taste,

and learn!  

  • For geography, we will be studying Africa, Australia, & Antarctica (where you will find the hottest & coldest temperatures.)

  • In science, most classes we will be studying Wild & Wacky Wonderful Weather (where you will find all kinds of world records such as who has the most and least amounts of rainfall, the most destructive tornado, the longest drought, etc.)

  • World records will be discovered in every subject we study.  They are everywhere!!

  • Our school will create its own Book of DOW World Records

  • We will have a trivia contest throughout the year to work on our memorization skills and to just have fun!  Who will be our school trivia champ?

  • Our end-of-the-year project will be a display of the world records tied into our favorite topics.   Visitors will have a chance to break one of our DOW World Records!! 

Reserve April 11, 2019… won’t want to miss it!!

There is still time to enroll for the remaining Preschool Summer Camps!

These are geared toward 3 to 6 year olds 

10 weeks, 9 to 3pm each day! 

Pick one or all weeks. 


June 3, 2018-August 5, 2018

Our weekly themes are:

Week 1     June 4       Bubbles, Balloons, Beads, and Balls

Week 2     June 11     Let's Go Camping!

Week 3     June 18     Down by the Seashore

Week 4     June 25     Summertime Fun

Week 5     July 2        Police and Firemen (no camp on Wednesday, July 4)

Week 6     July 9        Animals All Around

Week 7     July 16      Sports and Olympics

Week 8     July 23      Fun with Food

Week 9     July 30      Fun and Fantasy

Week 10   August 6   Under the Bigtop

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We are so excited to announce Cynthia Day, our founder, is the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce 2018 Salute to Leaders Award Winner for Education! She is dedicated, caring, and loves to see the success of every student at Days of Wonder. We are so happy to see her recognized for her dedication!  

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From our Founder. . .

Hello! My name is Cynthia Day. In 2012, I started Days of Wonder School in the basement of our home with 17 students. Today we have 130+ students and continue to grow. Let me tell you how all this began.

I have always loved learning. I was either teaching my sister things, directing neighborhood plays, or teaching piano lessons. Eventually, I did become a teacher after earning 2 degrees – Music Therapy (Mt. St. Joseph) and Elementary Education (Xavier University).

I entered my first job as 4th grade teacher in Covington, KY working with inner city kids. I started my first year wide eyed and on top of the world. It didn’t take long to realize it was a lot harder than I thought and that other teachers (not all) did not share my same enthusiasm. I was shunned and ostracized and if it weren’t for 2 special teachers who took me under their wings, I don’t know if I would have continued.

Eventually, I quit school to stay home with my 3 children and that’s when I discovered the world of homeschooling. In many ways, I felt I learned more from other moms (with no teaching degrees) than I did from college courses.

Over the 15 years that I homeschooled, I began a list of the wonderful things I learned through each teaching experience. I wondered if there could be school that encompassed all those things. I knew that most of today’s schools would not be open to such ideas. Plus, I wanted to go into a school building in which all teachers were as excited as I and who would challenge me (and each other) to be my best! That’s how Days of Wonder came to be.

If you have a child that is being bullied, not flourishing, not challenged, or not helped in a school setting or if you are homeschooling and need a different approach (or you need a break), or you want your family time back without daily homework struggles, I hope you will consider DOW. Call us (513)-732-2111 and we’ll set up a tour to see if it’s a match.

If so, we’ll work as a team to provide a great educational experience for your family!


 we offer:


Ages: 3-5 (and potty trained)

  • Full Day: 9:00AM - 3:00PM
  • Half Day: 9:00AM - 12:00PM

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Kindergarten-8th Grade

Click HERE for more K-8 information

High School 

We offer a flexible schedule three full days or an "a la carte" schedule for those students only needing formal instruction with certain subject(s).

HERE for more information


We Also Offer:

We also offer Friday classes for highschoolers and grades 3 – 8.

-Design Fundamentals
-German I (grades 5-12)


Please call 513-732-2111 for more details!